Music in Stone County

The music, dance, crafts and folkways of the Ozarks are still alive in Stone County, Arkansas. Tourists arrive mid-April and stay through October each year to enjoy the scenery, the crafts, the peaceful lifestyle, and the music.

It is sometimes hard to find the traditional old time music in the circles of bluegrass, country, and Texas swing that have become prevalent in and around the court square in Mountain View. A few groups of musicians who are passionate about keeping the old-time music alive have devoted their time to learning and playing the tunes that were being played in this area prior to 1941. This website was created to help interested viewers find those performers and the old time Ozark music in Stone County.

The links in the right bar on this page will take you to sources for old time music in Stone County, as well as helping you find videos of many of our local performers. You can also see what is happening in Stone County through the Tourist Guide and the local newspaper links.

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