Links to Other Resources

Listening Files


John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection at Lyon College

     These are recordings made in Stone County in the late 1950's and early 1960's

University of Arkansas Ozark Folksongs
      Large library of field recordings from the Ozarks

Gordon McCann Ozarks Folk Music Collection

       From Missouri State University Libraries

  Max Hunter collection at Missouri State 

      mp3 files with lyrics and  chords 

The Roots Music Listening Room

Larry Warren's Slippery Hill
      Includes old recordings of Arkansas fiddlers

Old Time Jam 

     Recorded backups for you to jam with

Lead Sheets with chords

Lamancusa collection at Penn State 

     Includes lead sheets with chords and mp3s

The Traditional Tune Archive 

     Music facts with lead sheets and ABC notations

Tabs for Multiple Instruments

  Charlotte Folk Society tabs for SlowJam

Strumhollow tabs for multiple instruments 

Jay Buckey tabs for multiple instruments 

Tater Joe's Old-time Musical Mercantile tabs for multiple instruments

Traditional Music Library with tabs for multiple instruments